Work One on One with Therese

I'm called the Mama-Whisperer because I help families identify solutions for struggles they are facing. The truth is...when you're booking a session with me, you're most likely in the middle of a trial or dilemma.

When you're working with me, I know that you have already wracked your brain trying every conceivable solution you have had the chance to Google, read, pray, talk and think about.

You know the old saying, "You can't see the forest for the trees" ? That is the truth - when you are in the thick of your mess, it's hard to have perspective. 

That's where I come in. Whether in person or conducted in an online video call, within a few questions, I am able to narrow in on the exact issues facing your home life. From there, we talk about a strategy going forward and how we can work together. Some family matters resolve themselves in just one session. Others take longer. We will map that out  during our time together.

 As Edwin Louis Cole said,  "You don't drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there."  

Come on ashore and talk with me. Let's solve this together.

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Resilience is virtuous.  Fortitude and determination manifest great character.  Keeping dirty laundry hidden has merit, but there is a time when we do better to reach out for and receive help.  When a sad feeling won’t go away, when we enter the land of depression, when we ignore what we know needs attending to, and when we hurt others because of our pain and difficulties….we know we need a helping hand.  

I’ll be that helping hand. I’m reaching it out to you. When you’re ready, grab on. I’ll hold on until you let go. 
— Therese

Feeling uncertain about committing to working with someone you don't know? I understand this. Trust is a precious gift and I'd like to have the opportunity to earn yours.

In a FREE 20 minute Free Consultation call, we take the time to connect and learn about each other. This will give you and me the chance to know what our next steps will look like and if working together is the best step for you at this time.