What is Attachment and Why Should It Be a Priority?

Attachment is referring to the bond or connection that you have with a member of your family. Or in some cases, an attachment that you can have to something other than your family (ie. friends, technology, sports, etc.) We're truly referencing the heart of an individual when we discuss the concept of attachment.

Attachment has many forms - it can be strong, middling, weak, or non-existent.  It can be in healthy order or it can be dysfunctional.  The right order of attachment is foundational to how our relationships go. 

A strong love-bond yields enduring and respectful interactions. When our primary attachments are tended to, we find there is a desire to cooperate, a love of being together, security, and a sense of well-being.When our primary attachments are out of order, chaos and conflict ensue.

Damaged attachment can be repaired - the sooner the better.  Understanding attachment allows you to approach situations in your family with a bigger picture - knowing that the heart of the individual(s) and your relationship(s) remain central as you work through challenges that arise.