Creating deeper connections in families

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Therese offers:

  • Relationship Solutions

  • Family Life Organization

  • Parenting Guidance & Problem Solving

  • Homeschooling Consultation and Coaching

  • Assistance with Learning Challenges

    Therese can meet with you in-person in Mundare, Alberta, or online via her Zoom Room.

  • No-charge, first-time, consultation.

    Thereafter, her modest fee is $50 per hour.

To book time with Therese or for more information about services:


Click here to: Private Message Therese on her facebook page

Phone: 780-764-2044 between 1 and 5PM, Monday to Friday.

Fresh starts and hopeful beginnings!


Who Is Therese?

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Therese has been walking with individuals and families for over 30 years, giving guidance through difficult challenges.

She is the kind of friend who shows up to walk with you side-by-side and jump with you into the deep and hard parts of parenting.

And guess what? Life is never as bleak as it seems. In fact, Therese can help you see possibilities all around you. Discover solutions together with someone with the kind of experience and clarity you need.

Therese has a few ways to help you and your family connect at a heart level. Take a look around the site and find a path forward.

If you are a parent who is struggling with:

*Order and Obedience

*Communication and Connection

*Screen Allurement and Addiction

*Homeschooling How to's

*Organization and Decision Making

and other parenting issues...

You're in the RIGHT place.


I knew that I wanted my children to cooperate more quickly and cheerfully but felt I was floundering with knowing exactly how to reach the desired end. Attending Therese’s talk, “First Time Obedience,” really challenged me to believe that it was possible to have a high level of obedience. I learned not only that it was possible, but that peace descends on a home with obedient children and is truly a gift for all, including the children. Therese presents the context for obedience in terms of relationship. I haven’t yet achieved the ideal but I have seen a big difference in my home.
— CR

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 Therese can meet with you in person in Mundare, Alberta or via her online Zoom Room, live!