Speaking Samples

I believe in sneaking a bit of frosting off the side of the cake and catching a glimpse of the presents under the tree. I believe in getting a taste of things before you commit your time, energy and money towards something. Here are a few samples of my work. Treat them like the cookie dough covered egg beaters and indulge!


Here's a short clip called The Hidden Cause Behind Homeschool Burnout

*Special Note* I believe in humble beginnings. There is some shaky video and slight audio issues. The beginning starts mid-sentence - but the words are still sound and firm, even if the video quality isn't! 

Find more talks on Homeschool Burnout inside the Resource Library.







I have had the pleasure of sitting in on one of Therese’s seminars as well as workshops where she has spoken, and came away with much to ponder.  She genuinely cares for you as a person and as a parent...What she shares makes sense and has enlightened me so many times. She brings from her own experiences as a mom, and shares a perspective from the child’s side but also from the parents side...What Therese shares is not just for the parents but also for the children and the changes it brings about within the relationships between parent- child are pleasant within the family unit.  I could sit and listen to Therese all day!
— C.M.



Therese speaks at the Alberta Home Educators Event (AHEA) regarding How Do You Know Your Child is Learning?

Special thanks to AHEA for the use of this clip. You can learn more about AHEA at www.aheaonline.com

Therese McDonald speaks the truth with conviction empowered by The Holy Spirit.
Her sincere faith in Christ doing in her that which she could not do on her own shines through with love for those she is speaking with or to.
All she does is for the Glory of God The Father.