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You need a speaker who can talk, talk, talk.

No, you don't. 

Let me propose something to you.

What if we thought differently about this whole Speaker Event idea and decided to:

  • Invite someone who realizes that audiences should be heard too
  • Brought someone who really listens and enters into respectful dialogue with those present, and then willingly shares their expertise in a way that resonates well with participants
  • Create space for questions to be asked during a talk so that what is being shared has direct application
  • Host someone who doesn’t rush and truly cares about each person rather than merely pushing through a prepared talk
  • Go beyond basic responses and typical talks about all things parenting, instead spending the time getting to the root of issues anchored in time-tested-traditional truths. 

What if, together, we changed the way empowering parents was done at a Speaking Event? Not just another canned speech or a memorized keynote - but a heartfelt talk that comes from 25 +years of experience of helping families. 

Take a  peek at my speaking samples to get a better idea of how I connect with an audience and present my information or fill in the form below to start the booking process today!

Ready for a talk like no other? 

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Therese & her Attaching Hearts to Home presentations have enriched our family life by giving us tools to grow in our communication & in cultivating healthy relationships. I always leave with the gem or two that I can implement to grow as a person & to help me better fulfill the roles God has called me to.
Highly recommended!
— Crystal

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