Are you looking for a way for your family to grow and attach to each other with deeper connections?  I can help.

For over 30 years, I've been families of all sizes and shapes and circumstances learn how to create attachment with each other. And after my extensive years of work I know this to be true: No situation is without hope.

If you are a parent who is struggling with:

Relationship Challenges, Order and Obedience, Communication and Connection, Screen Allurement and Addiction, Homeschooling How to's, Organization and Decision Making as well as other parenting issues...

You're in the RIGHT place.

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Therese McDonald is an amazing resource! Her talks, as well as her eloquent delivery of them, is always something I look forward to. She is wise beyond her years. I have now noticed on more than one occasion her knowledge shared, can often reach right into the issue at hand. It pushes past the boundary of opinion, and reason and even faith connecting to all in the room, being intentionally inclusive.

Therese has the gift of connecting with people with a intimacy that directly attaches to the heart muscle of the issue she is talking on!
Truly Therese and her talks are a tremendous resource. I feel comfortable saying that her ministry is a God given gift. And one you don’t want to be with out!
— Trina K.

Session Fees

A Special Note About Session Prices:

1 hour, one-to-one session fee is $50 per hour.

I believe I am called to serve families who are in great need. Some of the need and pressure in family life is the cost of living, and so I have no desire to turn a family away, that is need of help, simply because they cannot afford a session fee.

To these families, I would like to extend my scholarship fee. That is a fee of what you can afford. As a parent who has had a growing family, I understand that there are seasons where this is required. There will be an opportunity for you to request the Benevolence Scholarship Rate when you book to utilize my services.