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Every year Christmas becomes                 a  bigger deal than the 

year        before--

where's the

rest for

a weary soul?

  I see you, Mama.


I see you underneath the expectations and demands,


to-do lists and "buy now" ads.

(and don't forget the pressure to be all and do all! ugh!)

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Hi there! I'm Therese McDonald from Attaching Hearts to Home. Every year I meet with hundreds of parents who have faced tremendous challenges, heart ache and suffering in their parenting and marriage journey.

From tech and screen addiction to festering old wounds, I've discovered that families don't need another gadget, they need more time together. 

But is that even possible any more?

>>>What if I told you that you could have a connected Christmas - not an internet connection, but a heart-to-heart connection?

>>>What if I told you that it was possible to celebrate a joyous Christmas even if you are feeling like the burned out stub of a candle?

>>>What if I told you that there was a simple and practical way to give yourself the kind of Christmas that reflected the birth of Christ and what you truly wanted Christmas to look like for your family? is possible. 

Let me show you how!


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The complete Christmas Bundle - overflowing with experience-creating resources to form deeper attachment and increase the laughter and love in your home

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Inside the I'll Be Home for Christmas Bundle, you'll tame the mother lode mountain of Christmas tasks by harnessing the power of  the Planning Guides:

*Intentional Connection this Christmas has you diving deep into creating attachment and special connection with your family. Achieve the closeness you want by turning the distance in your relationship into the catalyst for connection.
(Valued at $25)

*40 Ways to Attach is the jam-packed idea companion for the Intentional Connection for Christmas Guide. Use over 40 ways to bridge the gap between any relationship in your home while cultivating a Christmas that focuses on more than just avoiding Aunt Ruth's eggnog concoction. (Valued at $15)

A Quiet Glow: Celebrating Christmas in the Midst of Burn Out  
Overwhlemed by more than just the season? You might be in Burn Out. Step out of the storm and into the reassuring cadence of rest.  Become re-energized as the soul-crushing weight you've been carrying drops off. Ready to scale back and spend time healing during the holiday season? This is a must-have resource. Don't lose your spark! Simply settle into the rhythms of a quiet glow. (Valued at $30)

A Decluttered Christmas - the no-nonsense, get-it-done approach to getting your home ready for the season. Loaded with action-packed tasks for the kids, you can breathe a sigh of relief and experience the Christmas miracle  (!!!) of a clean swept home. (Valued at $15)

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Wondering how to create your own unique family Traditions? Wonder no longer! This video guide takes you into my home and has you extracting ideas for you to use to create meaningful attachment. (Value $25)

Behold, I Make All things New: Apologizing During Advent -Stop waving the white flag of temporary truce with family members. Get to the heart of the issue together and move learn to apologize and give forgiveness this holiday season. Start fresh and allow Jesus to make all things new in your home and hearts this Christmas. (Value $20)

See the 12 Days of Christmas like you never have before! Feeling infuriated at  devices that gobble up precious time? Wondering if you are doomed to a Christmas of Selfies? Unplug and create real connection this Christmas with the 12 Days of a Tech Less Christmas. (Value $15)

Building Attachment Through Stories. Discover the dynamic bond that comes from a sincere and reflective discussion from the heart. Stories inspire and connect by following this Socratic method. Gather round the fireplace or table and change your Christmas experience with stories. (Value $20)

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