The Actual Truth About Too Much Screen Time

Oh don't take me there Therese!!!!

It is an interesting thing, when we feel guilty about a behaviour we avoid looking at it directly.  Until we are ready to tackle it, it is much easier to avoid it or ignore it.

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Weight gain, relationship issues, alcohol abuse, pornography, financial mismanagement, disorganization, etc.  If an ad comes on that hits us between the eyes, we’ll change the channel.  Until we choose to face the reality, we embrace distraction.

I encounter beautiful souls at my talks who confide how rough things are going at home and in their personal lives because of how their technological devices have taken over.  They share how they both hate and love their screen time. 

It is convenient, makes tasks easier, and is entertaining and relaxing. Everyone also knows about the wasted time, the loss of family connection, and conflict over those enticing, glowing screens. 

This society is waking up to the reality and impact of our phones, tablets, computers, and laptops – there are times we are enslaved.  Children argue with parents, spouses don’t talk or pray together as much, and much of our creativity and productivity is vanishing. 

Our lives are not what they were and we know it.  We ask, “Have we lost something of our humanity?”

I don’t believe that technology needs to be thrown away.  It is here to stay and has certainly has made our lives easier in so many ways.  That said, I also know that there is a global yearning to tame our devices and put life back into balance.  It is possible to put our attachments, including our screen time, into a proper order and harmony.  

This article isn’t about talking about how our brains are being rewired, how our focus is being scrambled, or more importantly, how our interactions with each other are being damaged.  I’m making an offer of greater freedom. 

I write to you with an invitation. 

Instead of delaying action on screen management, rather than ignoring the truth about tech. take-over, why not do something concrete about it? 

How about becoming better educated on the subject and sharing knowledge and facts about screen addiction with family and friends?  Why not join me as I lead a seminar in your community? 

What if a number of you decide to support each other in cultivating new screen time boundaries?  I can give you weaning tools, a practical method of tech. management, and point you back to a time when you were better connected with your spouse, children, and relationships.

What other ways can you change your screen management in your home?


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