The Hidden Power of Smiling

Are people unhappy or is it too un-cool to return a smile?  Are humans afraid that if they smile back, they’ll invite trouble? Isn’t a smile a starting point for attachment?  Is it that a smile is no longer recognized; that non-responsiveness coming from being lost in thought?  I’m sincerely wondering and I want to talk about the Hidden power of Smiling in today's post.

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 I was in the airport today.  A question crossed my mind : Does location make a difference when it comes to smiling?

Maybe I’m goofy, but I smile at everyone, even airport security agents.  I’ve been walking through this airport smiling my way along the terminals. When I bought my egg croissant,  I noticed something. My croissant had more of a smile than the guy who served me.

If I took the frowny face personally, my confidence could be shaken. 

I would run through a list of questions in my mind: Maybe it is my face? Am I wearing something offensive?

Or maybe, just maybe,  I unknowingly hypnotize everyone as they fall within my personal zone?  (Insert Twilight Zone music)

 I talk a lot about attachment; there are different intensities -  attachment to strangers registers low on the meter.  Still, we are all members of this human family and children of one Father. That should count for something….at least a smile, wouldn’t you think? 

I smile at you (a small expression of love, fraternity, and courtesy), and you smile back.

I know, I know, everyone has stories when being friendly has backfired.  I say, don’t give up on your brothers and sisters!  I know there are many smilers in my circle.  Facial flexers flock together I find.  We can sit in total silence, just smiling, looking kind of dufus and content.

You may have reasons not to smile, but I think we can take a snippet from Mother Teresa's creed to use as a reason to keep trying: 

 If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives.  Be kind anyway.

I smile, because I’m called to love.  This small gesture says, you matter to me, dear stranger.  You deserve kindness and respect.  We are not random or disconnected.  God put you in my path, and even to the least of my brothers, what I do to you, I do to Jesus.

Serving our family with a smile is the quickest way to change a hard day. It takes a moment to put a smile on your face. There are days  when it's a challenge to smile - but remember the call to love. Remember that attachment happens through simple steps.

You can make a world of difference in your home by smiling.

If you are part of the smiling club, I love you!  If you are an upside down croissant,  I still love you, but I invite you to flip your croissant.

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