Wise Youth: How to Make Good Decisions

An important life skill to give our children is the ability to make good decisions. While it's easy to default to the old Pro/Con list, that doesn't always allow for the chance to look at the situation from all levels. 

Here's my handy dandy list on decision making for wise youth. 

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  1. Pray.  Pray especially to the Holy Spirit when making decisions.  You are the temple of the Holy Spirit and He dwells within you.  Turn to the Holy Spirit in confidence. Amazing things can happen!


  2. Consult people you trust, especially those who have proven their love to you time-after-time.  Usually at the top of this list is Mom and Dad. Remember, they’ve also been empowered by God to be the very people in your life most invested to point you in the right direction.


  3. Ask yourself what you already know about the situation or choice.  Look back and consult yourself, your memory, and your experience. What has worked well before?  What has not worked well in the past. Weigh what you already know and apply it to making new choices.


  4. Review what kind of commitments you’ve made to God, to your parents, to your siblings, and yourself.  Keep your word and your integrity when making decisions. If you’ve made promises or have established boundaries, draw on them when evaluating new choices.  Are you being true to God, yourself and others?


  5. When deciding, ask yourself if you will be proud of this choice tomorrow.  Do you recognize goodness and truth in the decision you are making? Will your decision impact anyone negatively?


  6. Is your decision in line with the Ten Commandments?  Are you flirting with sin? What can you do to stay on the right track?


  7. Is your decision one that you would glad to share with those you respect most?  If you feel secretive, deceptive, or hidden in your decision, look at the root of those feelings and identify what is going on.  If Mom or Dad walked in the room, could I hold my head high?


  8. Weigh your decision considering the positives.  Will this decision yield good fruits? Where is the “good”, the “true”, or the “beautiful” in this decision?


  9. Do your homework and gather information so you can make an educated decision.  


  10. Make a list of pros and cons and evaluate the results.  Is my decision based on good outcomes?

I go into more detail on each of these points in this week's video. 

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