How to Dress for Attachment:The Power of the Right Dress

In our busy day to day lives, what signals do you send to those around  you that you're going to focus and give your family the attention and affection they deserve? I'd like to share with you an unconventional idea. Can you dress for Attachment? I think so. In today's post, we'll explore the Power of the Right Dress. 

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 I was thinking today about how my motherwould take time for me throughout my life, most often when she was busy.  A few years ago, I asked her about finding time to play or talk with me.  She said she learned how to do it from her mother, my grandmother.

Mom remembers her mother, a farm lady, who approached the days of the week pretty much the same way, day to day.

  • She got up early, before everyone else.

  • She prayed.

  • She did devotional, spiritual reading while she had a cup of coffee.

  • Her apron would go on and she would make breakfast for her family and then get on with her kitchen and farm chores.

  • Grandma always had a big garden, canning,chickens/eggs, mending, family and farm hands to feed, a big house to clean, children to tend to…and a myriad of duties.

But my mother recounted how Grandma, after the lunch dishes were done, would take her apron off and change into a fresh dress. It was then that she would play.

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Mom remembers Sears catalogues getting used to make cut-outs, using especially the children figures and clothing.  Hats, dresses, boots, all got cut out to make a wardrobe of outfits for my mother and siblings to play with.

Grandma would take everyone for a walk to gather little stones.  These were brought home to be washed and then used to make stone-covered boxes.  They were varnished and made all shiny.

My mom says Grandma would play all afternoon, sometimes making a game out of corn or pea shucking.  Sometimes it was singing together up the gravel road, while Grandma pulled the littlest in a wagon.  Other times it was making snowflakes out of old newspapers.

Grandma had time to play.

Around 4PM, the clean dress would come off, her work dress would go on, and so would the apron.  Time to pull supper together.  But there was always fun in the afternoons.

One by one Grandma’s little ones went off to the local one-room school house.  In later years, Grandma would paint in the afternoons.  She taught herself to oil paint the country scenery about her.  Afternoons were for fun.

I remember my own mom putting down her work to pitch a soft ball to me or to play Go Fish.  I try to do the same with my children.  Make it happen…..generation to generation. 

The Bible admonishes us in Colossians 3:12 "Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience."

Just like Grandma put on a different dress to help her switch focus, what can you do in your day to help clothe yourself with these things? How can you switch your focus and state of mind from busyness and duty to one of attachment, play and connection? Let me know in the comments.

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