Impact your child in 5 seconds flat

Attachment comes in many forms. Creating attachment can sometimes require a great deal of effort, other times attachment can happen through a simple habit that takes a moment. Today I want to look at how the power of thankfulness statements can impact your child in 5 seconds flat

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I am mindful of expressing thanks to my family. Sometimes I forget, but I do like to be very specific in my words.  It builds love when we notice and acknowledge service, obedience, thoughtfulness, encouragement, sacrifice, etc.  

To be intentionally aware of what my child has done and then to give words of gratitude, creates in my son or daughter, a greater desire to live up to that gratitude.  It also grows thankfulness in my own self.

Here are a few statements that have been heard at my house:

“Sweetheart, thank you for being so dependable this morning.  I feel so appreciative of how you made your bed and were ready for church without being asked.”

“Son, that was very kind of you to load in the groceries.  I am so grateful for you.  You are such a man of service.”

“I couldn’t help but notice how you gave your sister some slack.  You sure are growing in maturity.  Thank you for your good example of love.”

Be sincere and accurate in your gratitude.  Our words can be transforming or deforming. They can create attachment or break it.

 When a child makes a lot of mistakes or has had a bad track record, he can become self-labelling and see himself as written off.  Mom and Dad have the commission of reflecting the love and mercy of God.  By giving focus to what the child does that is right (even if it is just in giving good effort), he will respond in positive ways.

Aesop said, “Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.”

Let us be noble parents and have the hearts of our children.

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