Husbands - What are they good for?

Today's culture sends many messages about men. Not very many of them are positive.  Not surprising, it's left some of us woman wondering: Husbands-what are they good for?

I spent some time thinking about that. Here's what I found:


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 I was pondering today, what good my husband has been to me.  Without him, what would have been different about me?  It scares me to think about it.  I mean, my guy has been at the heart of most of my personal improvements and my spiritual growth in this journey toward heaven.

I know some of you suspect I’m taking a backhanded shot of some sort, with implications that guys make women suffer, so of course we make progress in patience, and long-suffering; that in short, guys make us saints. They are our penance, and we become holy.

Naa…I’m being sincere here.

Without my husband, I would be less.

– Less appreciative of art and beauty around me.

– Less curious.

– Less aware of miracles.

Less trusting.

– Less confident.

– Less in my understanding of God the Father.

Less understanding of half of humanity.

– Less intimate with my Lord.

I could go on.  You get it.

How would you be “less” without your husband?  Be intentionally positive.  Write it down and share it with your man, tonight.


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