How to Homeschool When Your Heart is Hurting

Today I’m discussing about something that isn’t talked about very much.

On a good day homeschooling can have some challenges.

But what happens when your good days suddenly become hard days filled with overwhelming challenges and relationships are suffering?

How do you homeschool when your heart is hurting?


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When our heart is suffering, our mind is distracted and we are unfocused. There are many things that can cause a suffering heart and a distracted mind:

-unmet expectations

-broken or damaged relationships

-marriage struggles-financial, pornography addiction, communication

-screen addictions for child and/or parent

-learning challenges

-overwhelming circumstances

-life changes—moving, death of a family member, new jobs, divorce, miscarriages, etc.

The list goes on.

How does one homeschool their children when they are moments away from crying or breaking down over the weight of pain resting on their heart?

Don’t despair! There is HOPE.

In today’s videos, I give some guidance as to what steps should be taken first.

As always, if you are struggling and find yourself in need of extra support, I offer my hand to you. We can meet together and find solutions that will work for you. You don’t have to brave it alone.

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