An Optimist's Guide to Surviving a (CLUTTER) Avalanche

There is nothing like clutter, disorder, or disorganization to weigh a woman down. Feeling buried, the chaos overwhelms and depresses.  What a burden… to feel embarrassed by your own home!  What can be done? Whether you have a homeschool room that needs organizing or a household full of ready to topple towers, there is a solution for you! Read on! 

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One dear lady shared with me, “I feel a complete disgrace, Therese!” when we discussed organization in her homeschool and it's role with attachment

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And you know what?  The longer that feeling goes on, the more impossible it all seems and the greater the self-reproach.  How do we face it and where do we even begin?  Where do we find time in the crazy, busy-ness of life? 

Let me leap-frog you over your clutter to the possibilities.   No woman is doomed to carry this weight around.  There is a strategic and systematic approach to the problem that won’t kill you in the process. Truly, you can look to a future where your home is in better order than it is today by following this optimist's guide to surviving a clutter avalanche.

The key is found in a “today” decision. 

Just one decision will start it all off in an optimistic direction.  With this one decision, you’ll start to feel a peace (even if it isn’t complete). For example: “I choose to start with just one task in my home and I will be consistent in choosing one more task each following day (except Sunday 😊 ).”

I have a system that works and you are welcome to use it.  That isn’t the topic of this article though.  I want to get back to the importance of new beginnings, fresh starts and a “today” decision.  We often postpone a decision to change because we look at the huge and overwhelming job before us.  We’ll avoid a small step because what looms before us demands too big of a step. 

Chunking our tasks over time, allows us to move mountains!  We underestimate the progress that can happen in 15 minute or ½ hour per day portions.   We undervalue the little bit we can do, only seeing that which still isn’t done. 

How can you attack an avalanche all at once?  You can’t.  Small steps are the order of the day.
— Therese

With consistent application of small efforts, a tipping point comes where our home is tidier than it is messy.  Then comes a point where we’ve moved enough belongings along, found a home for keeper stuff, and thrown out the garbage, that we’re in renewed control.  A type of Spring has come!  The big melt is here!  The avalanche which crushed upon us is now a vapour. 

It happens with a “today decision”. 

It takes optimism, a forward momentum, and commitment.  It doesn’t have to be wearisome, gigantic, or overwhelming. 

I know you are tired.  I know your schedule is crazy.  I also know that one decision can start to change things for you. 

I’m here to encourage you: Start today!

Tell me in the comments below, what is your today decision?

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