How to be an Un-rushed Parent


How can children learn to trust God and His timing if we are perpetually rushed in our parenting?

Why has life become so hurried? We’re allowing it to happen, period. Discipline should never be hurried. Formation takes time. The training up of children is a gentle process. I would even say it is a quiet and peaceful process.

But how does one slow everything down and become unhurried and unrushed?

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We can choose to pace our homes according to God’s stride. Attitude is deliberate and within our control.


Each home can embrace calm and non-rushed behaviours and those behaviours can become family identity.


We are people of:

• Quiet peace.
• Gentle eyes.
• Gentle touch.
• Gentle words.
Firmness without yelling.
• Resolution with respect.
• Decisiveness with meaningful direction.
• Conviction with kindness.
• Principles with understanding.


We choose to take time to be careful and caring. It takes time to respond in a holy and Christian manner.


Children become accustomed to dignified behaviour and pacing. Take your time in parenting will yield a heavenly harmony in your home.


Being in good self-control and composure, soothes everyone and eliminates that rushed feeling.


I am happy to help anyone who needs life to be at a better tempo and calm.

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