Am I right with God? 9 questions for starting a hard conversation with yourself

One question that is often overlooked when sorting through life’s challenges and problems, is “Are we right with God?”  I want to answer that  question with a few more questions! Let's go deeper.

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“Are we right with God?”

This question has a bearing on how things will go in the long run. You see, many of life’s biggest trials are insurmountable without the Lord on our side.

Sometimes we get into ruts or forget about God’s rights, God’s commands, and His best way instructions. I don’t usually poke my nose into finding out the details when I pose the question, “Are things right with God?”, leaving it to individuals to sort that out between themselves and God. But I have been asked, what would I consider being “right with God”?  After all, this is an issue of attachment and an examination of the heart.


  1. Am I playing pretend with God? Do I have a sin I am attached to that I hide, justify, or ignore?

  2. Do I have addictions that I need to get help for, of which not only is myself experiencing a derailment in life, but my family and friends are impacted negatively?

  3. Am I living a selfish life, robbing those I love of my time, presence, or commitment?

  4. Do I pray, or have I been leaving God on the sidelines? Do I take time to read Holy Scripture andbooks that grow my faith?

  5. Am I tied to anything illegal or dishonest?

  6. Have I repented and been sorry for my transgressions? Have I sought forgiveness?

  7. Do I have courage of faith, living a life of witness and conviction, or do I hide my belief in God?

  8. Am I grateful to God, expressing adoration, worship, and thanksgiving to Him? Are Sundays kept holy?

  9. Am I teaching my children about the Lord and setting time aside to nurture relationship as a family before God?


Is God number 1 in my life? Where are my priorities? 

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 I know for a fact that when we put things in spiritual order, we gain ground on sorting through and moving forward on life’s difficulties. God is love. When we make decisions that are eternity oriented, our crosses may still be heavy, but we’ll have the grace to persevere, have greater clarity, and will come out the other end understanding the “why” behind our trials and suffering.

Through Him, with Him, and in Him, we are never stuck.

Jesus healed and often told the receiver that it was because of faith they were cured. Are we right with God? What needs to change? Re-set? 

Did you find that some of the answers to these hard questions require assistance to navigate? Tech addiction? Family struggles? A wound in the area of attachment? I work one on one with families just like yours. If you are needing extra help to navigate your next steps, find out how I can help you.


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