Five Marvels of the Male Brain

Before I talk about Five Marvels of the Male Brain, I need to start with a disclaimer and a confession.

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First, The Disclaimer: This article is a dumping out of my brain on what I’ve learned about guy brains. This is not a scientific article. This is not a research or study article. This is me, Therese McDonald, sharing with you what I’ve learned over the years as I’ve been guiding and supporting couples and learning from my own sweet husband and clever sons. They are general thoughts (there are always exceptions to the norm).

Second, The Confession: There were times I had unnecessary hurt feelings and felt my husband, Glen lacked empathy.  I couldn't understand his lack of eye contact.  I wondered why he needed to leave and go walking after a disagreement. There were times he seemed so disconnected when I was sharing my heart.  He was as confused with understanding me as I was with him. Oh my, those early years of just not getting him!"

I have since learned a few things about the male mind and I am happy to share them with you today.

Five Marvels of the Male Brain

  • Men like a problem stated up front. All the details can be filled in after the initial statement. Women do well to share the problem first, what they expect in sharing the information, and then proceed to, as succinctly as possible, fill in the details.

    Example: “Joe, I’m frustrated because Bobby won’t cooperate doing Math. I am looking for a few suggestions as to what I can do to change the situation. Most of all, I need encouragement from you and to get this off my chest.” Or “Joe, I am feeling sad about what happened today, but I really don’t need you to solve anything or rescue the situation, I just need to talk it out and have you listen.”


  • Men are hardwired by God’s design in certain qualities. They are built to provide, defend, compete, pursue, conquer, and solve problems. When this is right-ordered and virtuous, these traits are necessary to marriage, family life, and society. We are in a media and cultural mindset that this manly architecture is wrong. It is not. It is to be treasured.

  • Men will absorb much for the sake of those they care for. Guys are often accused of being non- responsive and non-communicative. This can sometimes be the case, but men are also resilient and valiant in their thinking. Rather than challenge a woman, for example, they will take it on the chin for her.

    When criticized, they will accept, in silence, a scolding or correction. They’ll hold their tongue or contain their pride, rather than put a lady in her place. This can even manifest itself in eye contact. What does a fellow do to another fellow he is angry with? He’ll often challenge the other with his eyes, staring him down.

    A man will often do the opposite with a lady, casting his eyes downward or away, in an instinctual way of not challenging her, but rather giving her respect.

  • Men are pursuers. They are far more incline to a physical response and inclination. They are geared this way. Of course, it must be mastered within the moral life, but as men must acknowledge and respect the design of women, so too must women honour man’s blueprint.

  • Men think in containment/compartmentalized ways. Gentlemen have brains that deal efficiently with one thing at a time. They give great focus to the need at hand and usually persevere with tasks, objectives, and situations. Their construction is that of concentrating on a single flame. Women do well to see this as a plus.


  • Men are wired to solve problems internally. The male brain drives a man to want to think out solutions, plans of action, and needs, first on his own. He often needs time to do this in the quiet of his own self. A walk, a drive, or time in another room can produce good results. Communication often goes better in the long run by giving his strategic brain a chance to think.

This isn’t the whole story and we are all called to live generously and cooperatively, doing our best to pour ourselves out for the love and sake of the other. I’ll be sure to write about the female brain too. Together, working within our design, and with willingness to understand each other, we really are such an excellent fit for each other! 

What marvellous truth did you learn about the male brain today? What point will you use to communicate and value the men in your life with?

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