What does Attachment Look Like: Two Ways of Getting Home

Homeschooling families always ask me about attachment. What is the result of attachment in your home? What does attachment look like?

I put together a little list of my favourite things about attachment to my home. It’s a small peek into the question, “What does attachment look like?”

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G.K. Chesterton says in The Everlasting Man, “There are two ways of getting home; and

one of them is to stay there.”

I like being home. I really love being home.

In interviewing myself about home, “Hey Therese, what do you love about home?” By the way, do you interview yourself? It is

A wonderful way to think about meaningful subjects, coalesce your answers, and come to see the landscape of your thoughts. It leaves me more realistic about life, and is a great way to gather myself when things become too full, distracted, or overwhelming.

Anyhow…back to what I love about home. I realized in my self-interview, that my list is long, and could even get longer. I’m going to share part of my list with you today.

Therese's List of Home Delights

My husband, my life companion, with all his familiar ways. He belongs here in this home. There is something fairy-tale like about someone by your side, day-in-day-out, living with you happily ever after.

• Watching my children grow up. My children make home an ever-interesting place to be. No day with them is the same. What an amazing gift to be in the same, secure place, with newness to each day.

• My well-worn furniture, my bookcases full of books, the soft glow of lamps, and music playing. This is a comfortable and peaceful place to be. Even if I don’t get to sit much, I love that my home is broken in and I fit.

• That there are ups and downs in this house. We are real here. We don’t brush life under the carpet or run away. We deal. Year after year we work things out. This home cradles us for better or for worse.

• The early mornings when I am quiet with God, as my family still sleeps. With my Lord, before the busy-ness, in this home…this domestic church.My home is a sacred place.

• That this is a place of learning. Imagine! I have a school of my own where each day we are changed forever.

It feels pretty wonderful to contemplate the joys of home.


How about you interview yourself?

Here are some questions to ask:

What brings you great joy when you sit in your home and all is quiet?

What room has held the best conversations and sacred memories for you?

Fill in the blank. My home is a place of _______________.

In five years, what will I be grateful I made space for in this home?