The Best Kind of Attachment to Ask For and Seek Out

When parents tell me they have an attachment issue in their home—whether it’s a homeschool family dynamic, a screen time issue or a lack of parent/child connection—I direct them to this first step. It really is the best kind of attachment to ask for and seek out.

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So, the Lord tells us to “ask”, and then He tells us we shall “receive”. I’ve always been an asker. I might even fit in as a nag. When I meet the Lord, I won’t get called stranger (strange, perhaps…).

I ask for all kinds of favours without reserve. I think of it in terms of my own relationship with my children. When they ask for good things, like a hug, or for help, or my advice, I like it! I don’t mind them coming to me for anything.

Sometimes I say no to things that aren’t needed. Sometimes I tell them they need to wait. Other times, I say no, and when they repeat the request, I give in because what they ask for is just fine. “Mama, can I have a little more time before lights out, because I’m in this amazing part of the book?” No….OK, sure.

It isn’t difficult for me to understand how things work in heaven. Sometimes it is yes, sometimes it is no, sometimes it is wait, and sometimes it is even what seems a change of mind.

I remember a holy individual telling me to always ask for every available grace and blessing on a daily basis. And so I do. Can you imagine God saying no to that one?

I believe that my Lord is a perfect gentleman and will never force anything on me. He invites me to ask, and so I do. My part is to do all I can to remain in good grace.

I’ve changed over the years in how I ask and what I ask for, and maybe I’m more polite than a nag now, but I don’t let a day go by when I don’t at least come as a beggar before God, requesting His grace and His blessing upon me, upon my family, upon my friends, and yes, upon my enemies.

Go ahead and ask! I believe God likes it. Build attachment with the One who gives to us in abundance.

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