A Little Reminder: We Are Watched Over

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Greetings in the Lord! When I was a child, I would often make a spot in my bed for my angel.  I would scoot right over to the wall, making sure there was plenty of room for my constant companion.  I no longer move over, but I do invite my angel to watch over me while I rest.  There is also a usual prayer at night for mighty angels to watch over my family and protect or household.

Today is Sunday and I just woke from my nap. I’m sure my guardian angel was on duty.  I figure that while I nap, my angel gets light duty.  While I sleep, no need to worry about me sinning, no sudden scares, no close calls, and little need to guide me.  My angel does need to stay vigilant though, as he stands ready to defend.  Goodness, I take that for granted!

It can be easy to forget our heavenly friends.  Parents sometimes neglect to remind their children of these servant of the Lord.  Angels were made by God for distinct roles.  Those in the role of guardian are with us from beginning to end.  I was thinking today that I’m not attached enough to this ever present and faithful companion.  Just like other relationships, I need to make more effort to foster awareness and contemplate the presence of angels, especially my own.

So, as you rest up on this day of rest, whisper a little thanks to your angel….and maybe scoot over. 

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Therese McDonald