5 (First) Steps for Overcoming Tech Addiction in Your Home

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On a weekly basis, I encounter parents who tell me of screen addiction in their home.  Sometimes it is a parent (or both) struggling with addiction, and often times it is a child thus afflicted. This reality exists in far too many  homes, with the problem growing daily, all over the world.

I have created a presentation for groups on the topic of screen addiction and am available for booking such an engagement in your community.  Let me offer today, some of the “helps” that can begin the addicted person to freedom.

5 (First) Steps for Overcoming Tech Addiction in Your Home

1. Acknowledge the addiction,  pray for help, and choose someone reliable to whom you will be accountable.  Create a plan of action and report in often to your helper.  Talk with them when you are tempted to turn to your screen addiction.

2. Begin weaning – taking specific times to make a digital Sabbath.  This means setting blocks of time aside, with great intentionality, where you rest from screen time.  Just like a Sunday, where you refrain from work, take time to refrain from devices.  At the beginning, the addicted person might only manage small rest breaks, but over time, these periods away from tech. are extended.

3. Replace screen time with something productive (like doing a craft or baking), choose to be interactive with people (like playing a board game or going on a nature walk),  or  growth facilitating (like reading a good book or learning a new skill).

3. Shut sound features off  on your email, Facebook, texts, etc.   Establish very specific times you will check communications and never more often. Over time, reduce the number checking times.

4. Create an “all off” time in the evening.  Never go to bed with a device on during sleeping hours.  Slow down and engage in calm activities.

5. Keep a screen diary – writing in every time devices are used.  Track progress and use the diary as a motivator.  Everyone needs to see self-change.

It is important that the addicted individual become educated regarding screen addiction and how it negatively impacts life, the brain, our time with God, and relationships. Understanding the root of addiction and being presented with practical evidence of damage is of great value to the struggling addict.

Having a loving and supportive individual to walk side-by-side and parent or child, gives hope and better probability of success.  Nobody need stay stuck in a difficult situation.  There is always a way out, with help.  I offer mine.

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