Declutter the Mind When It All Becomes Overwhelming

“My house has a mind of it’s own, Therese!”

It was another day helping a homeschool mama work through the laundry list of issues in her home:
A child who was struggling to learn to read

Another who had declared math a waste of time

The eldest was becoming disconnected to the family from having too much screen time

And the house was a disorganized disaster.

She wasn’t sure where to start. Maybe you don’t either.

I offer to you that before you try and straighten everything and everyone else, you take a moment to declutter the mind when it all becomes overwhelming.

homeschool organization daily routine schedule screens .png

It is easy for me to wake and get busy with duties.  It is easy to rush off a prayer or two, and leap into the day.  I can go zero to a hundred in a breath.  I am a do-er.  I can go in ten different directions right from the git-go.

My days are naturally full.  My family needs me, my work day is demanding, and I have lots to organize and deal with.

I can rest my head at night, my mind full of thoughts, full of plans,worries, and obligations.  Without discipline, I can generate numerous ideas, solutions to challenges, and chart all kinds of life voyages and projects.

How do we best deal with mental clutter? What does God desire for our minds? How do we achieve a rested mind and soul?  All of us knows what it takes.  Unless I make it happen though, my inner self gets very untidy and distracted – cluttered.

How do we best deal with mental clutter?

We need quiet time, purposefully set aside.  In this quiet, we need to turn our hearts toward the Lord, placing ourselves in His presence.  We need to ask Him to help us tame our mind and body.  Then we give him our gratitude, our praise and adoration, beg His forgiveness, and profess our love.  

If calmness of thought doesn’t come, we need be patient and wait.  I’ve found that over time, this waiting in silence is key to letting go of the “too much” in my mind.  When I let God lead my thoughts, my reasoning and my imagination, much falls off.  I see things with greater clarity and am better able to distinguish between that which is important, and those things that are just zeal and enthusiasm.

I can’t do it without investing the time and chosen silence.  Without emptying myself, I remain cluttered and clogged up.

Taking time and quiet with God slows me down and puts me at a pace more human.  He makes me more human.


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