9 Must Know Symptoms of Tech Addiction

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I get asked a fair bit to describe the symptoms of screen/tech addiction.  Four major areas of a person’s life are impacted – behavioural, psychological, relational, and physical.  Today, allow me to spotlight the relational symptoms.

9  Symptoms to Watch for with Screen addiction:

  • The addicted individual wants less and spends less time with family and friends.  By this I mean that they would rather spend their time in a virtual or remote world than face to face with those in their presence.  They are resentful of interruptions or invitations that disturb their screen time.
  • A game-obsessed person declines social invitations so they can continue playing video games instead.
  • They lie to others about how much time they spend online or on devices.
  • Time spent with virtual pals goes up.
  • There are frequent conflicts with family and friends over screen time.  Arguments and tension shows forth daily, with lots of anger expressed, directed mainly toward those closest and most interested in the addicted person’s welfare.
  • The addicted person blames others for problems caused by excessive use of the Internet, gaming, chatting/messaging/texting.
  • They deny they have a problem that is obvious to others.
  • They waste great amounts of time without awareness, stealing from the relationship of others.
  • They addict breaks promises, commitments to stop excessive use of devices. They hide their usage, often sneaking and finding ways to feed their addiction.  They lose the trust of those that love them.

Addiction breaks hearts, breaks up friendships, and can destroy family life.

Nobody is stuck though.  Relationships can be healed.  I love helping make that happen.

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