Worried About Your Parenting Choices?

During a heavy season of life, before our head hits the pillow some nights, we heave a deep sigh and think, "Am I parenting my children in the right way? Did I make the right call earlier today? Could I have done something better?"

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Of course, once we ask "Could I have done better?"...we think of a myriad of things we could have done better. I hear this a lot from the parents I work with each week.  

Every family that comes to work with me has problems ranging from intense and overwhelming to the kind that just need a gentle turning of priorities or attitude. They all have one thing in common: every parent is worried that the choices they have been making aren't the right ones.

I wanted to talk to you directly about that today. I created a video so we could have an eye-to-eye chat. 

Nothing is beyond repair. We don’t have to be afraid that we have messed up so badly...I am a big believer in fresh starts.
— Therese

Nervous about some of your parenting choices and need a fresh start? Wondering what attachment would look like in your family?  Book a Discovery call with Therese and put your home in harmony again.

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