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Ready to strengthen your family in practical way? Great! Let's see what option works best for you. Whether it's an online class or  one of my live workshop-style events, there's a place for you. 

Heart to Heart Living Room Sessions

The Heart to Heart Living Room Sessions are your chance to connect with other parents over the issues that are hindering attachment and connection within your home.

These 4 week sessions build upon a theme and each week we look at truth and the practical action needed to overcome the hurdles preventing you from forming attachment in your home.

This friendly and supportive dialogue style session lives up to it's living room moniker. One hour sessions in a span of 4 weeks can bring a massive shift to the dynamics in your home. Join the community of the Heart to Heart Living Room.

Online Workshops

Online Workshops are my 90 minute classrooms where you get the full Therese experience! 

What's the Therese experience?  A mix of teaching and imparting wisdom, with a lot of Socratic questioning and discussion. 

We'll talk about building attachment in everything from marriage to parenting, homeschooling challenges to learning difficulties and tech addiction.

With a Live Q & A  and lively discussion, this class is the place you come when you want to take action and make a difference in your family. 


Live Events

Whether held in a home or a large community hall, live events offer some of the richest rewards when tackling  the toughest parenting challenges facing us today.

Connect and grow with other like minded parents. And in my true-blue style of teaching, expect Socratic discussion and true engagement like you haven't seen before.

Most parents come with a heavy heart and exasperated souls who have tried everything they can think of to bring breakthrough for their child. Most leave with standout strategies, a clear plan and the full assurance that they are the right person for the parenting task that lays ahead.

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