You want a close and connected family.

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Good! I can help.

Hello, my name is Therese.

I believe in positive solutions, sharing a good joke, and that a good conversation over tea can always create a heart to heart connection.

And you? You are a bold and courageous parent who is looking for some re-enforcments for creating a home and family that is deeply and truly connected by the heart.

I come alongside parents just like you.

Parents who want to see their child reach their full potential, see their family overcome some of the hard things life throws our way, and find a way to maintain faith and sanity throughout all of it.

When it comes to parenting, there is always a way - a way out, over, under, around or through.

How do I know this?

Because out of all time, God gave you these very children. He gave you your marriage.  You have been chosen because they belong with you - nobody else is equipped as you are for your those you love. You are the expert on their hearts, their formation, and their needs.

Let's work together to create deeper connections in your home.

Therese’s insights are clear, rooted in Christ, easy to implement, and truly work. She throws her whole heart into being there for us. Her deep understanding of family life and how to make it strong and joyful is amazing.

A Dose of Encouragement

My friends at AHEA have graciously shared a video they have of me talking about homeschooling. You can see my passion here for families to stand up for the ideas that work best for them and how to handle people who don't support your choice to homeschool.

I believe these principles apply to most decisions you make as a family that are given the eye of disapproval. I hope you find these points helpful for your family. 

*special thanks to for sharing this video with all of us*